What is the 417 working holiday visa?

The 417 visa allows people aged 18-30 (inclusive) - and Canadian, French and Irish citizens 18 to 35 years old (inclusive) - to have their first extended holiday in Australia for up to a year, where they can live, work and travel at their leisure. Check out the link below for all the eligibility criteria:



Why do I need to do any farm work?

The farm work is only required if you wish to stay in Australia beyond the initial 1 year working holiday visa. If you would like to spend a second year living and working in Australia, then you need to complete 3 months of specified work in regional Australia within your initial working holiday visa. Similarly, if you are loving Australia so much you wish to do a third year, you can now do so if you complete 6 months specified work within that 2nd year!


What counts as specified work?

The Australian Government has quite a few regulations as to what counts as specified work and where it can be done. The ins and outs are quite complex but don’t worry, all the jobs that we secure are guaranteed to comply with the regulations! Here’s a link to give you a better idea.



How long does it take for The 88th Day to find me work?

At The 88th Day we aim to find you work as quickly as possible, or at the time that suits you best! Our team is fully committed to finding and securing as many jobs that fall into the specified work categories as is possible. However, there are currently 350,000 backpackers currently on the 417 visa in Australia and last year 80,000 attempted to complete the 3 months of specified work, sometimes it can take us a few weeks. So give yourself plenty of time and don’t hesitate, join our waiting list today!


Solo Backpacker or Social Backpacker?

We know how important it can be for couples and friends to stay together through this experience, so for just a little extra money we will find work that keeps you as a group. That being said you certainly won’t be solo for long if you’re joining us alone, almost all of our partners hire multiple backpackers who you’ll meet at work.


What if I don’t like the job?

We’re talking about regional work in rural Australia, it’s rarely someone’s dream job! Once you’re signed up we can work together and to try find something as appealing as possible to you, however take a look at the specified work to see what you will be dealing with! There’s a good chance you’ll need to get your hands dirty! What we can guarantee is that you will get a good hourly wage that will allow to you to save money and travel more in Australia.


Why South Australia?

The state of South Australia in its entirety is regarded as regional by the Australian Government, there are fewer restrictions on geographical location compared to Victoria or New South Wales for example, meaning there’s greater availability of jobs you can do without going out into the deep outback! We target jobs predominantly in the Adelaide area so you don’t have to venture too far away from civilisation. There’s a reason it’s called Radelaide!


Where will I be staying whilst completing my farm work?

We secure the job; you need to secure the accommodation! There are plenty of hostels in Adelaide, but if you are located further out then short term rented accommodation is your best bet! We’ve had first hand experience of finding somewhere to live in the rural areas so get in contact and we will help where we can!