So you made it! Congratulations, just 10% of WHV holders in Australia manage to complete their 88 days. What you have achieved is special, its a journey that only a select few can say they’ve experienced. Now its time to reap the rewards of all your hard work.

The process – Very similar to how you apply for the 1st visa, follow the links to start your application for the 417 Visa.

462 Visa application link.

The only difference is you will be asked for details regarding your specified work. The company name and details such as the ABN and address will be required, it is also possible for you to upload your pay slips at this stage, we recommend you do so.

When to Apply?

This depends on how you plan to spend your time, if you expect to run your years consecutively then you should be looking to apply as soon as possible, its impossible to predict how long applications will take to be granted but it usually takes at least a month.

If you are planning on leaving Australia after your 1st visa ends and then coming back at a later date, DO NOT apply for the 2nd year visa while the 1st is still active. If you apply for a 2nd year visa during your 1st year, when the visa is granted it will automatically start the day your 1st visa ends.

Use our calculator on The 88th Day App available for iOS and Android to check whether you make the 88 day limit, we have used figures given to us by immigration and we are confident it’s the best guideline available. If our counter hits 0 you are good to go!

The 88th Day App