Make bank - This may be obvious, but you’d be surprised how many backpackers finish their farm work with less than they started with. Having an hourly paid job with reliable hours is your best bet, if you have a constant income of $800 a week, saving money in these rural spots is easy. 13 weeks farm work is long, by the end you’ll be sick of your job and you’ll just want to stay in bed. My advice is book a holiday for the end of your farm work, the light at the end of the tunnel will give you the boost of motivation you need, plus you deserve it!

Travelling to Farms

Freebies – Make the most of the goodies from work, many farms and factories will have excess stock, take advantage! Who turns their noses up at free food and wine?

Cook communally at home – Whether you’re in one of our share houses or living in a hostel, cooking at home as a group is a great way to count the pennies. Backpackers come from all over the world, encourage everyone to show off their skills in the kitchen.

Goon/Hollandia – Ok, we aren’t advocating for binge drinking. But jeez this is a cheap way to get drunk.

Ride sharing – Help the team out! Not everyone has cars and splitting the petrol costs such a simple way to count the cents.