Virginia Farm Produce

Be on your toes – Always be prepared to take better roles if they are offered to you, many farms will have both piece rate work and hourly paid jobs. If an hourly paid job becomes available, don’t be shy, be the first to speak to your farmer about it.

Keep an ear out for news on the farm – Things can change quickly when it comes to harvesting fruit and veg. Often it’s not in the farmers interests to inform the staff that the season is coming to an end. Listen to your fellow workers and don’t be afraid to ask questions.

Be willing to get in the car and leave – Don’t get stuck in a working hostel paying $200 a week, staying in a room with 20 other backpackers if you’re barely working 10 hours a week. Remember it speeds up the process massively if you’re working full time and those jobs are out there, we help people like you find them everyday.

Stand together with your fellow backpackers – Farmers have proven time and time again they don’t always have backpackers interests at heart. Stand up for each other, backpackers may come from all over the world but we are all connected through this process.