Once you’re up and running and working towards completing the 88 days, it is important to keep records and document your time working as this is all evidence that proves you did the specified work required for a second year visa, and being able to supply this information is likely to be the difference between staying in Australia or not!

The main things to keep hold of are the ABN and contact details of your employer as well as every payslip you receive, keep track of important emails regarding your payslips, and if you receive paper pay slips make sure you get a photo of it before it disappears into the unknown. These are essential to getting your visa approved so if your employer is holding them back or not providing them in the first place make sure you chase them up immediately as it’s a lot easier than doing so 6 months down the line whilst on the other side of Australia!

Whilst you’re at work and on the farms take photos of you, your mates and your surroundings, it’s great to do so firstly so you can savour the memories and the experience of completing the 88 days, but more importantly its further evidence that could come in handy when submitting your application to the Department of Home Affairs.

Use The 88th Day App on either iOS or Android to track your days and save those vital payslips for when the moment to apply comes.