Hopefully after finishing your farm work you have saved plenty of money to travel the delights of Australia, its fair to say I’ve lived in some of the best bits myself. Here are my top tips for you.

Hamilton Island

Hamilton Island/Airlie Beach – If you finish your farm work during the depths of the Australian winter, we recommend you leave the cold behind and head north. The Whitsundays is an incredible location and offers a unique lifestyle, if you’re looking to save money and live in a tropical paradise, while spending your days off whale watching and lazing around on the beach, why not apply for a job on Hamilton Island? If it’s a party you’re after, Airlie Beach offers all of the same beauty as Hamilton Island, but the nightlife is on a completely different level!

Daintree Rainforest

Byron Bay/Gold Coast – The climate here is very attractive all year round, this fabulous spot on the East Coast offers so much. Byron can certainly stake a claim for the most hipster spot in Australia, truly an international town with an eclectic vibe. Byron has it all, the only downside may be finding long-term accommodation can be challenging and in terms of finding work, hospitality is the major employer in this town. If you are looking for a lot less hipster and a lot more tattoos then give the Gold Coast a try, beautiful beaches and the nights out certainly are memorable.

Great Ocean Road

Melbourne – If you are looking to live in a major metropolis Melbourne is in the top tier worldwide. Topping the polls for most livable city anywhere on Earth time and time again. Melbourne you will find is full of fellow backpackers all around, but there is certainly a concentration in St. Kilda south of the city, not everyone’s cup of tea it must be said. Melbourne boasts sensational cuisine and a big nightlife; personally I have spent many a great evening in the suburb of Prahran, I highly recommend you try it. The jobs here can pay exceptionally well, look for a 9-5 and make the most of your weekends. Move here in the Spring and leave in the Autumn, the weather is near perfect during that period, less so in the winter.

New Years Eve Sydney

Sydney – What needs to be said, the iconic city is the headline grabber for most tourists travelling to Australia. It certainly must be seen and it has some advantages over Melbourne, the beaches are far superior and the architecture is stunning. Work pays extremely well in the city but rent can be very pricey. There is certainly a huge number of backpackers set up in Sydney and during the Summer months it appears that the city is one big party. It’s a tough choice between Melbourne and Sydney so I’ll let you make that call.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this marathon post, finding good quality information isn’t easy for backpackers. Everyone is welcome to share any part of this guide, keep each other safe and best of luck.