Award Pay Work – Without doubt the best way to do your 88 days is with a reliable hourly paid job, the high minimum wage in Australia means most of these jobs pay over $800 a week. Download The 88th Day app if you’d like one on either iOS & Android, it’s our specialty.

Piece Rate Work – This work refers to the payment scheme used by many farms, paying workers by the weight of product they pick. Make no mistake some workers make great money, however the majority doesn’t. Farmers regularly skew the system, so only the top 25% of workers make minimum wage. This top 25% of workers are rarely backpackers and almost always experienced pickers who have made careers out of picking fruit. Be honest with yourselves, do you think you’re going to be faster than a 35 year old Tongan with 20 years experience?

Another factor to consider is that piece-rate work is outside 99% of the time and work relies on the weather. If it rains you’re not working, fruits not ripe? You’re not working. Harvests are unpredictable and work is not evenly spread. Piece–rate work will get you days, but its unlikely to save you much money.