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An app designed by backpackers for backpackers! Everything you need to know about completing your 88 days specified work whilst in Australia on the 417 or 462 Working Holiday Visa. Use our database of farms and factories to find specified work and complete your 88 days. Sign up to stay in one of our share houses North of Adelaide and get yourself a 2nd year visa.

Calculate the days you work with The 88th Day App, input your hours worked on a daily or weekly basis whilst completing your farm work and instantly find out how many of your 88 days are left before you can apply for a Second Year Working Holiday Visa in Australia.

Farm Share House Accommodation

Staying In Our Accommodation For Your 88 Days

Here at The 88th Day we ensure you complete your 88 days regional farm work without accumulating debt or wasting your precious time in Australia.

Join fellow backpackers by staying in one of our properties 20 minutes north of Adelaide and use our app to find work. You will be staying in a 4 bed dorm inside one of our spacious share houses. Every share house has a full kitchen, living room and outdoor space as well as free WiFi. Bills are included in your $150 per week rent and you can stay for as long or as little time as you please.

Before you move in we will be in touch to arrange a move in time/date so you can meet the team, and we can discuss best practices for completing your farm work.

Farm Share House Accommodation

Why Choose Adelaide?

The Northern Region of Adelaide contains one of the highest concentrations of food and wine producers in all of Australia. From giant potato/onion producers to high end Chateau's this region offers jobs in every aspect of specified work.

Many of the jobs in this area provide regular work schedules and hourly pay, giving you a great shot at completing your farm work quickly and saving plenty of money while you're at it.

Adelaide is a major city with a population of over 1 million people, the idea that you could complete your regional work somewhere like this seems unrealistic. But because under the Governments specified work initiative the entirety of South Australia is listed as rural, you can live and work just minutes outside of the city centre. This makes the experience far more interesting and you get to enjoy this fantastic city rather than living in a small farming town 8 hours outside of Brisbane.

We love Adelaide and living just outside the city, sharing the experience with fellow backpackers many of our guests have stayed long after completing their 88 days.

Find farm work

How To Use Our App To Find Farm Work

Whether you stay in one of our properties or pay for our app through a subscription fee finding farm work on our app is very simple. With over 3000 producers to call, email or get directions to all within the app, getting hired shouldn't take long at all.

It's our view that the best way to find work using our app is to use our map, get in the car and visit the producers yourself. This is an industry stuck in its ways and handing a resume in to the front desk is a surefire way to get a job. Most producers in this region have plenty of work that requires no previous experience, it doesn't matter who you are if you hand out CV's to 50 producers in a week at least one will give you a job!

For those lucky enough to stay in our accommodation we will offer extra help and guidance if needed, but it’s rare for us to have to step in and use our contacts in the industry.

Farm database

Access Our Live Database

We have collected data on thousands of farms, producers, wine makers and everything in between across Australia. But this is just the beginning every week we expand our list of employers and updating contact details. All data in the areas we offer accommodation for is free as for the rest of the country, everything we know about these employers is included in the premium section of our app and is updated from our servers when we learn new information.

We continue to improve the quality our data week by week and your app will update seamlessly with new producers, and we will alert you when particular employers are reaching out for employees.

Farm Recruitment Office

Visit The 88th Day Office

When you're staying with The 88th Day you will receive our full support for the duration of your farm work. A member of our team will welcome you on the day of your arrival, show you to your accommodation and make sure you have the correct paperwork completed so you are ready for work.

Its vital that you find good quality farm work and with guidance from our team that's what you'll get. The majority of guests have done things their own way, but we are always happy to help you find the right job.

The Job Search

  • Use our data to find yourself a job
  • Hourly pay
  • Reliable hours

Stay With Us

  • Fill out our dedicated form
  • We will contact you to discuss the move

The Move

  • Once we have secured you a bed you’ll receive a move in date
  • Meet us and we will discuss your farm work and show you to your property

Start Your Journey

  • We aim to get you working full time within a week.
  • Assistance with contracts, details and directions for getting to work