Grape Picking Australia

Most importantly you need all the proper documentation that proves you are eligible to work in Australia, it’s recommended to print a hard copy of your visa grant notification, a copy of your passport, then details of your Tax File Number (TFN) and bank details so that you can get paid! Otherwise have an email file of screenshots on your phone of these important documents as getting organised can make life a lot simpler a little down the line.

Next up you need to get yourself kitted out and ready for work on a farm or factory, your work attire is likely to get dirty, ripped and smelly! Buy some cheap t-shirts, long sleeve tops (easy sun protection), trousers and suitable footwear. Shops such as Kmart and The Reject Shop are your best bet as you can sort yourself from head to toe for about for $20-$50. It may not be the latest fashion, but definitely purchase some hi-visibility clothing as is a standard requirement for a majority of rural workplaces around Australia. Consider what else might come in handy with more specific jobs roles, such as gloves or an extra large sun hat.

To maximise your chances of finding work it is recommended to buy a car, it may seem a hefty investment but definitely worthwhile if you’re travelling in a group. Due to a majority of the jobs you’re looking for being in rural areas, having a car really does massively improve your chances of finding work quickly as those with independent transport are much more appealing to the farmers, it’s a harsh reality. On the plus you have a car and the whole of Australia at your disposal once your work is done!